Make the best-smoked beef with music

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Make the best-smoked beef with music

The secret to a perfect best-smoked beef is now to reveal. The procedure is not that easy. The ingredients are mix with patience, love and the most important is the music.

Why is it better to make the beef with music?

It is always fun for the cooked delicious meal. To make the best-smoked beef with music is the simple secret. Cooking smoked meat is not that easy. Chefs need a lot of patience and proper timing. Because the process requires a long number of hours, it is better to cook with music. While listening to the melodic music or sweet sounds of the song you will never get bored. You will enjoy cooking while listening to your favorite songs.

For all the smoked beef lovers out there, here is the list for looking for the digital model of meat smoker.

1. An electric smoker from Master built
I am highly recommended this smoker. This electric smoker is one of the best. It has a full window for viewing. The construction is sturdy and reliable.


• You can view your food while cooking from its full window. • This is very convenient to use with the remote control device. • It has a sensor so that you won’t overcook your beef.

• The smoker is quite heavy

2. Digital Smokin Model #1

This is my second choice. The capacity is not that wide as the Master built, but this is also a better choice. This model is best to list from your home appliances. Very convenient to clean and store.


• The stainless steel is graded by a restaurant. • The cooking process is perfect.
• Easy to handle and place in your kitchen.


• You will need to cut the ribs if it’s too large from this smoker capacity.

3. Digital/Electric Smoker from Bradley

This is one of my favorite smokers. Digital Bradley is simple to use, and you can set this smoker right before you want to start smoking your beef. It has a separate function for roaster beef and a cold smoker.

• The Smoker from Bradley has an automatic feature.
• Its cooking temperature is very high.
• The good news is the separate burners for smoking and oven.

• The area capacity is small.
• Conflicts on the dispenser for some time.

Family recipe with this smoker

I will go to share with you our family bests the method using the Master build smoker that suites This recipe was from my grandmother. She always prepared this food every Sunday.

• 1kl beef tenderloin
• Two tablespoon corn oil (olive oil will do.) • 1 pinch of salt
• Pepper to taste
• Lemon zest
• Pieces of wood chips
• The secret recipe(the music)

How to make the best smoke beef with music

First, marinate the meat with salt, pepper, lemon zest, and soy sauce for 15 minutes.
Second, put them all to the smoker.
Set the smoker to 250 degrees for 25 minutes.
This recipe is straightforward to prepare, with the sweet music playing while cooking. I am very sure that this is the beef ever!

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