Music and Ping pong

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Music and Ping pong

The name explains everything “Ping Pong” – it is an event for music and table tennis players… It is a fun, melodic interpretation of the table tennis.

What TECHNOLOGY actually it is!

The plan to outline this approach was from interaction with music and additionally brings additional good times. The innovation in Ping Pong FM isn’t muddling as you think. You start by picking a tune, and a short time later as you play, the music plays along. The slower you hit the ball to one another, the slower the music plays. The quicker you play, the speedier the music gets. The minute the ball hits the floor, the tune stops and you need to begin once again.

Don’t want that happening right? At that point, is to “hit it better with ping pong paddle”, keep the ball at a constant speed and let the music play for long…

Each time a player hits the ball with the ping pong paddle, an application refreshes in a PC to play your music and screen “hitting” the ball. It alters the music to change its speed upon how well the players rally the ball.

Subsequent to testing a few methodologies, putting contact mouthpieces inside each of the paddles was the most effective solution to keep track of the game. The mouthpieces tune in for the wooden oars resonating when the player hits the ball. These vibrations are given as contributions to the receiver which is then handled on an Arduino covered up inside a retro case that tunes in for tops over a specific limit. At the point when a hit is enlisted, the Arduino sends a Player ID by means of USB to a PC running the diversion application, fabricated utilizing open source toolbox open systems which shows the tune leaving two speakers and alters its speed likewise and does re-syncing.

The PC gives visual feedback with character activities on the screen. It additionally has a jukebox-style accumulation of tunes to look over.

Now, wondering how and where it is useful?

Individuals now-a-days have some good times at parties with noisy music, supper and move. They additionally get a kick out of the chance to play amid gatherings to have a fabulous time. They claim table tennis table in their flats and frequently might want to play amid parties. Is it safe to say that it was conceivable to consolidate music and table tennis together? Truly! On account of Mark Wheeler who thought of joining the elements of table tennis with music.

Figuring out how to utilize turn and handle your adversary’s turn can require some serious energy, however, once you begin to figure out how the fulfillment you will get from having the capacity to get things done to a table tennis ball you never envisioned was conceivable is tremendous!

You can attempt to coordinate the beat or intentionally remix the music in unusual and magnificent ways – it’s totally up to you.

Enlighten us regarding your top choice, Savage and the Ping Pong minutes in the remark area underneath!

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